Angelo Battistini

Angelo Battistini

PhD Candidate

Imperial College London

Project: Finite Element Analysis of TRISO coated nuclear fuel particles

Angelo graduated from his MSc in Nuclear Engineering in 2020 at Politecnico di Milano, Italy, with a final thesis focused on Large Eddy Simulations applied to the CFD analysis of Natural Circulation Loops. He has also obtained the Italian professional abilitation for Industrial Engineers.

Currently, he is a member of Cohort 2 of the Nuclear Energy Futures CDT, in order to obtain his PhD in Materials Research. The project he will be working on is dedicated to the study of the behaviour of interfaces between the layers of TRISO coated nuclear fuel particles during thermal transients, with the adoption of Finite Element Modelling and Peridynamics, in a joint operation between Imperial College London and the National Nuclear Laboratory, UK.