Daniel King

Daniel King

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Imperial College London

Dr King completed his PhD at the University of Technology Sydney in 2016 with a thesis entitled High-entropy alloys for use in advanced nuclear applications. His last appointment in the Wenman group was working with Zr alloys funded by an EPSRC research grant. In this project he used density functional theory to investigate the evolution of dislocations in HCP Zr when solutes of Sn, Fe and Nb are present.

Dr King is author to over 20 publications and his expertise is in materials modelling on the atomic scale. He is also author to a widely used prediction tool for high-entropy alloys - Alloy Search and Predict.

He now works as a Data and Machine Learning Engineer for HSBC, UK

Selected Publications

  1. D.J.M. King, M. Yang, T.M. Whiting, X. Liu, M.R. Wenman. G-phase strengthened iron alloys by design Acta Materialia. 2020.
  2. D.J.M. King, S.C. Middleburgh, P.A. Burr, T.M. Whiting, P.C. Fossati, M.R. Wenman. Density functional theory study of the magnetic moment of solute Mn in bcc Fe. Physical Review B. 2018.
  3. D.J.M. King, S.C. Middleburgh, A.G. McGregor, M.B. Cortie. Predicting the formation and stability of single phase high-entropy alloys. Acta Materialia. 2016.
  4. D.J.M. King, P.A. Burr, S.C. Middleburgh, T.M. Whiting, M.G. Burke, M.R. Wenman. The formation and structure of Fe-Mn-Ni-Si solute clusters and G-phase precipitates in steels. Journal of Nuclear Materials. 2018.