Luca Reali

Luca Reali

PhD Candidate

Imperial College London

Project: Plasticity of Zirconium Hydrides

After graduating in Mechanical (BS) and Materials (MSc) Engineering at the University of Trento, Italy, Mr Reali worked for one year in the composites industry, designing carbon-reinforced high-pressure vessels.

Mr Reali is now a PhD candidate at Imperial College partially funded by Rolls-Royce. The project aim is to model the plasticity and the fracture of zirconium hydrides in nuclear fuel cladding, using both analytical models and planar discrete dislocation dynamics. In the long run, this should clarify the interaction between fatigue and hydrogen embrittlement in this component.

Mr Reali’s expertise is in materials modelling at the microscale, as well as in finite element analysis of metallic and composites components.