Tom Haynes

Tom Haynes

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Imperial College London

Project: Peridynamic Modelling of Oxide Growth on Zirconium Alloys.

Dr Haynes is working as a post-doc working on the peridynamic modelling of the oxidation of Zirconium alloys. Peridynamics is a developing non-local technique able to predict cracking in both brittle and ductile materials with no need for the a priori introduction of crack patterns. This builds upon the groups’ previous work modelling the fracture of nuclear fuel pellets and SiC/SiC composite claddings.

His previous post-doc position involved the modelling of SiC/SiC composite claddings. These materials have been proposed as an accident tolerant cladding for light water reactor applications. In order to be accepted for this purpose, they need to demonstrate suitable mechanical integrity under both normal and accident conditions. Using an Abaqus implementation of peridynamics, the model for SiC/SiC cladding has been developed by tuning and validation against C-ring compression tests reported in the literature. The model is able to predict not only when cracks are likely to develop, but their morphology and structure. It includes both thermal expansion due to the reduced thermal conductivity compared to traditional zirconium-based light water reactor alloys and the early-life irradiation swelling of the SiC/SiC cladding.

Tom completed his PhD with Dr Wenman at Imperial College London in 2018, with a thesis entitled ‘Finite Element Modelling of Nuclear Fuel Performance in Advanced Gas-Cooled Reactors’.

Selected Publications

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