Uranium carbide oxidation from 873 K to 1173 K


Oxidation of UC was studied from 873 to 1173 K in air and in 10 Pa oxygen using a High Temperature Environmental SEM (HT-ESEM). Conversion to U3O8 improved when using 873 K as the oxide product was a fine powder. At higher temperatures (973 K to 1173 K) oxidation slowed due to a densification process with formation of coarse fragments. The oxide fragmentation at 973 K and 1073 K and oxide pulverisation at 873 K were observed in situ in a HT-ESEM. Cracking induced fragmentation and pulverisation was linked to stresses generated from the volumetric transformation from UC to U3O8.

Corrosion Science
Mark Wenman
Mark Wenman
Senior Lecturer in the Department of Materials